Saturday, 7 April 2012

Oily skin? Try these soaps.

If you have an oily skin and currently looking for soaps that would at least reduce the ‘shine’ a bit and you are on a budget, you might want to try these products. No, this is not an advert for the companies. They have been tried and tested by people I know and got results. You can try them and see if they would also work for you.

Village Fresh [Alata Saminaa]: If you are a dark skinned person, you might want to try the Lemon variant of this very popular Ghana black soap. The best part is that it is a natural product.  In the bathroom, apply it all over your body and leave on for a minute before washing off. If you have an oily face, do the same.  It reduces the shine on your face and makes your skin supple. 

Price: Around N500

Touch me Please Magic Mix 10 in one: There are a lot of Touch me soaps out there. Quite a number I must say. This particular one actually works. I would recommend it for a light skinned person because there is an indication on the pack that it tones the skin. The two people using it are light skinned and they confirmed that it is not harsh and it does keep the ‘shine’ down.

Price: Around N400

Now remember, this article suggests you should try these products and see if they work for you especially if you are on a budget which is the reason why the prices were included. You can incorporate them in your skin care regime.  

Visit a skin care specialist to find out the kind of skin you have and probably the kind of products that are most suitable for your skin.

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  1. I was using the village fresh soap when I was in Naija, I love the smell and it was really good for my skin.

    1. Pls where can I buy the village fresh soap? The last ones I used where brought from ghana for me and now I need to buy more here.

  2. Pls where can I buy the village freash soap?

  3. It is sold in good cosmetics shops in Lagos.

  4. Hmmm...this sounds interesting. I wanna try out these soaps especially the touch me please magic mix 10 in one. I am kinda curious about it.

  5. Hmmm...interesting. I used to have oily skin and it is becoming a problem to me. I'll check out these products.


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